Estate Planning

Carefully Prepared Estate Plans for New York Individuals

People spend their whole lives investing in and accumulating assets. At some point, they expect to pass those assets onto their family members and other loved ones. With effective estate planning, inheritances can be passed on with minimal tax consequences. An experienced lawyer can assist with the meticulous tax planning and can help ensure beneficiaries’ rights are clearly defined in all estate planning documents.

The Objective of a Good Estate Plan

The objective of estate planning is to make sure a person’s property goes where he or she wants it with minimal loss due to controversy and taxes. That means all documents in an estate plan must be comprehensively and precisely drafted. They must use language that is unambiguous and provide depth when addressing any unexpected events.

Attorney David Lacher takes the time to carefully analyze the dynamics of each client’s family. He considers the tax consequences of second marriages, blended families and other details that require special accommodations. When he works with clients, he is thorough in his information gathering. He punctiliously drafts each document, reviews it with the clients and makes as many revisions as are necessary.

He and his legal team help clients prepare a complete estate plan, including:

When the time comes, the firm will also preside over the final execution, making sure everything is correctly carried out.

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The Law Office of David Lacher has over 30 years of experience helping clients throughout Manhattan and the New York metropolitan with tax and estate planning. To schedule a consultation, contact the firm online or call 914.355.5900.

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